We are as passionate about your career as you are

Whilst we can not guarantee the placement of every candidate out there, we can guarantee that if you are worth your value in bitcoin we will most definitely try our best to get you face time with the decision maker.

Please remember : With great power comes great responsibility – and in this case, that means time. We can only manage what we know, be transparent.

We need time from you in order to make a great match – be honest and upfront with us around your expectations. Is a rowdy office not quite your scene? Need to stick to Pretoria for your favourite corner café?

In a day and age where every minute needs to be accounted for, we do not want to have you out the office more than you need to be.

We only work with clients where we would want to work ourselves– No window dressing.

We will be honest and upfront around the challenges you will face.

Honesty and Integrity is a prerequisite for any of the companies we represent.

Our clients want you to be as passionate about their company as you are about your pay check – Please do not be over extravagant in your salary requirements, nor over inflate your current PA package as a means of achieving a 30% increase.

Our promise to you

You will be required to be out the office at least twice

Once to meet with us, during this time your fingerprints will be taken for MIE verifications (This includes a criminal and credit check).

At least one face to face client interview.