Our Candidates really do exist and they do know that You exist

We think the above statement depicts the pains of working with recruitment agencies all too well.

Recruitment agencies have become mere call centres selling opportunities to candidates, that do not exist just to contact companies selling candidates that do not exist – only to reverse engineer the process from there visa versa.

Every single candidate CV that you receive from Raweni Consulting will be sourced for your specific requirement.

We do not believe in candidate recycling, nor ‘spreading the odds’ by submitting candidates to various companies at the same time. If a candidate is submitted for your position, there is a reason he or she is interested in a position at your company.

Our Guarantee to you

What we need
from you

Just like with our candidates, Time.

To ensure as close a fit to the requirement, along with the all to important culture fit, at least one office visit is preferable. We would like to capture the essence of your company in a one liner to our candidates – a one liner that can only be captured from a first hand experience.

During the recruitment and headhunting process we take one of two approaches – rushed, and slightly distilled or slow, and meticulous. Kindly be upfront with your consultant around the approach you would like us to take.

Along with coffee, we absolutely love a difficult position! If you have a role where it seems every stone has been turned over - let us know – we find pleasure in these challenges.

In closing, we are passionate about the Human side to recruitment and will send you a shortlist of no more than 3 CV’s per position.

We want to make your life easier, not more taxing.

If we have missed the mark – Please be honest in how we can adjust our sails, we want to find that perfect match